The Effitrax solutions

Thanks to the power of the Efficube, Effitrax offers solutions dedicated to vehicle usage and optimization, whatever the client’s activity. These solutions are available regardless the type of vehicle and are designed to bring immediate savings on fuel consumption and maintenance, to improve safety and meet regulations (electronic tachograph, black box).


Preventive maintenance

What is it ?

EffiDiag is the preventive maintenance  solution^designed to reduce premature vehicle wear, to better prepare  maintenance operations and increase vehicle lifetime. EffiDiag is based on the data set specific to each vehicle and dedicated algorithms that produce specific KPIs for maintenance operations.

EffiDiag brochure

For whom ?

  • Fleet managers to better plan  maintenance operations and thus increase vehicle uptime
  • Financial controlers to lower operations costs
  • Vehicle and equipment manufacturers to offer new services to their customers
  • Telematics operators to offer a universal vehicle diagnostic solution


What is it ?

EffiSave is the ecodriving solution specifically designed for heavy vehicles. It uses very accurate sata from the vehicle (engine, driver) to produce key indicators that are analyzed by Effitrax experts to propose improvement guidelines. A dedicated ecodriving program is then set up to help save fuel while maintaining a high level of service.

EffiSave brochure

For whom ?

  • Fleet managers to reduce fuel consumption
  • Financial controlers to lower operations costs
  • HR managers to implement an ecodriving program
  • Telematics operators to add an ecodriving solution to their portfoli


What is it?

EffiSafe has been designed by Effitrax to improve safety, to reduce accident risks, identify improvements  in safety and  analyze events in case of accidents. EffiSafe uses qualified data to produce risks index that will support improvement lines.

EffiSafe brochure

For whom ?

  • Operations managers to reduce accidents and maintain quality of service
  • Financial controlers to lower risks and reduce insurance premiums
  • HR managers responsible for the safety of employees
  • Telematics operators to offer a new safety oriented solution

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