The Efficube

The EffiCube is the open telematics platform designed for heavy vehicles and machinery. Universal and open, the Efficube connects to the engine and other relevant equipments to collect all data needed to improve operations, reduce fuel consumption and engine wear, increase safety and simplify maintenance.

Brochure EffiCube

Main features

What the EffiCube can do

Compatible with all vehicle and equipment brands. Connexion either via the CAN bus, or other digital links (serial, BLE) or analog

Compatible with all Effitrax solutions: ecodriving (EffiSave), safety (EffiSafe) and preventive maintenance (EffiDIag) as well as third party solutions

Integrated GPS positioning

Can be used as WiFi internet access point

Integrated gyroscope and accelerometer for motion detection

Android app for diagnosis and monitoring

Real time transmission (down to one second)

Over The Air (OTA) updates

1-Din format for easy installation and maintenance

Access and commands via an API, locally (WiFi) and remotely

How it works ?

Why the EffiCube

Benefits of the EffiCube


Compatible with all vehicle brands and all CAN buses


Real time access to all vehicle data


Easy to install and maintain (1DIN format and standard connectors)


Open platform accessible via APIs and remotely configurable, the EffiCube can support all telematics applications and evolve with new requirements.


Remote update for CAN librairies and software versions.

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