About Effitrax

Young innovative company, Effitrax aims at offering the best technological solutions to its customers along with the best service and to contribute to the global effort of CO2 reduction and lowering the impact of human activities on the planet.

Our values

Customer satisfaction

Effitrax recognizes the value of being selected by its clients in a very competitive environment: customer satisfaction is our priority.

Best in class technology

Effitrax is a technology company and as such will provide the best product for heavy vehicle telematics, supporting all mobile applications.

Preserve our environment

All our solutionshave a positive impact positif on the environment: less CO2 emissions through lower fuel usage, longer lasting vehicles thanks to preventive maintenance… At our level, we contribute to lower the impact of human activities.

About Effitrax

Our mission

Our mission is simple: help users and owners of vehicles to better manage their fleet, optimize  operations, reducee fuel consumption as well as maintenance and  diminish CO2 impact.

Our leading team

Jean Paul Daveau

Founder and President

Jean Paul is the mind behind the Efficube technology.

Bernard Berkein

Founder and CEO

Bernard is the organizer of the company

Interested by Effitrax ?

We are hiring! Join us for the telematics 2.0 revolution!