Waste collection

Specialty vehicle manufacturer

Client needs

Better maintenance

Effitrax solution


Client benefits

Cost reduction

Customer case

This company manufactures specialty vehicles for waste collection, producing more than 1000 vehicles per year.

They want to propose a remote diagnosis solution to their customer to offer a better service.

Effi-Diag with Effi-Cube has been selected as the solution.

The challenges of the company

This company has thousands of vehicles in operations throughout Europe. Maintenance is quite a challenge as its requires special skills not available everywhere. And the customers are demanding quick servicing to maintain a high level of fleet availability.

To better meet its customers requirements, the company was looking for a connected system to remotely monitor in real time the vehicle status and answer faster to questions. Unfortunately, most of the providers do not offer complete or permanent access to the vehicle data.


EffiDiag, the preventive maintenance solution

Therefore they selected EffiDiag as the remote maintenance solution. Thanks to EffiCube, all relevant vehicle and engine data can be retrieved and monitored in real-time. Whenever there a vehicle issue, there is no no need to send a field technician: all vehicle data can be remotely accessed  in real-time giving them all information necessary to conduct a remote diagnosis and enabling them to properly organize a quick maintenance.

Effi-Diag also offers the capability to perform preventive maintenance with indicators that allow to organize care before breakdowns.

Specialty vehicle manufacturer

Customer benefits

Remote maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Better customer service

  • Real time remote diagnostics

  • A new service to propose to clients

  • Feedback on vehicle usage in the field

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