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Case study

This major city has a fleet of more than 700 vehicles that collect approximately 1M tons of waste every year. They rely both on their own vehicles and employees as well as on various subcontractors. Various telematics solutions have been implemented to support operations, but with several telematics providers, maintenance and adaptation of onboard equipment to new requirements has been a challenge.

This is why the city is considering  using a unique open telematics platform to be more efficient and selected Effi-Cube.

The challenges

The city manages a large diversified fleet of vehicles encompassing different brands and subcontractors. With incompatible devices and data flows, it has been difficult to collect homogeneous information from the field to get uniform KPIs for all the operations. In addition, the organisation of the installation and maintenance of various onboard devices is a complex task. And the closed systems also constitute a barrier to new services.

Efficube, the open platform for heavy vehicles

Thus the city decided to implement a unique type of device, Effi-Cube, that would collect all data for all their suppliers on all different vehicles. This simplifies access to data as well as all tasks linked to hardware. In addition, this clearly separates all vehicle features – provided by Effi-Cube – from the driver related operations – still provided by the different telematics solution providers.

Effitrax provides a clear benefit as a common platform for vehicle connectivity, open to all service providers and ready to meet future applications.

Large city council

Customer benefits

Universal platform

  • Separates vehicle features from operations

  • One unique open platform for all vehicles

  • Efficube is the baseline for multiple applications

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